Only One Week Left??!?

Giant Tornado

I am astonished there is only one week left to see my show. Although it was great to see the response at the opening, I am touched by those who visited in quieter times and wrote to me of being uplifted. How appropriate, in a show about tornados! I might arrange to be there sometime during the final weekend. I will post information if that is the case. If anyone has any interest in my work, I hope they will see the show. Although many of the paintings and constructions can be seen in my studio at the Uxbridge Studio Tour or my annual “Easter Show”, there is a narrative in this show–a configuration and order that is also part of the creative process. These pieces will never be seen in exactly the same way again. For one thing, I had to borrow a few back from present owners! Show ends Sunday, June 21st at 4:00 PM, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, downstairs in Gallery A.

(I call it the root cellar.)


Cat Falling: Step One: Terror
Cat Falling: Step One: Terror

4 thoughts on “Only One Week Left??!?

  1. Lynne, For those who missed/will be missing (like me) this show, It would be wonderful if you did a little narrated video of how it all goes together. For your fan base!!

    Sorry I won¹t be able to make out to see it.



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