The Opening was Wide with People

I feel very fortunate to be an artist. Vulnerable, but fortunate. My show is hanging; the Opening was wide with people; the talk, thankfully, is over. And there were no pearls to swine here! Both the art and the talk were received graciously and intelligently. Truly, I’m thankful for those who looked and listened so carefully. I’m thankful to God for giving me a way to tell this story. I am not glad for what happened: I’m still spinning. But I’m thankful I am an artist and that a few found encouragement in this series born out of such devastation. The show continues until June 21st.

Lynne McIlvride's Art Show
Gallery A


miniature cat painting
Cat Landing on her Feet

2 thoughts on “The Opening was Wide with People

  1. Wish I¹d been there to here your talk. I always find what you say and how you say it so compelling. I guess there isn¹t a chance in hell that it exists on paper, is there? Or, gasp, video?

    If so, hand Œem over. Really.

    And I hope you sold some too.

    Next time you¹re in Toronto, come and see my new basement ³gallery². It¹s basically my basement all painted white with a rail to hand things from. I¹m trying to figure out what to do with it.

    It could literally be an underground gallery! A pop-down gallery!

    Hoping it all goes wonderfully well.


    Cell: 416-788-5098


    1. Hi Lauretta! This video WAS great. Thanks!

      I have a show at David Kaye next year— you could have a related show of my older work in your basement at the same time. Do you have good lighting down there? I like your idea of a pop-up (or should I say pop-down gallery.

      Sorry, nobody taped the talk but it is basically what I wrote in my blog entries on this site.


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