I’ve been thinking…

I like to think I’m in this for the long haul. You know, like Bob Dylan. I’ve been selling paintings for about 40 years and I could do so for 40 more!!! Who knows!? I wonder sometimes where my work is and how it is doing. As a mixed media artist, over the years I’ve experimented with a lot of different kinds of adhesives etc. I’d like to make it clear that if somebody bought something even years ago and it starts to become unglued or undone in any way, arrange to leave it with me in my studio and if it is fairly minor (or clearly my fault), I will do my best to fix it–no charge! If it’s a major thing like the Christmas tree scraped the encaustic off a painting or you threw one at your ex, then I will still try to fix it but I might charge you a bit. Email me to arrange a time: LynneMcilvride@icloud.com.

faces.jpg Here’s one from I don’t know what year: 1989?

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