A Tribute and a Tornado

Now what? For the past four months I had the privilege of being a caregiver to my beloved partner and recent husband, Ken Welsh. He was a truly great actor with a mountain of accolades you can glean snapshots of in the New York Times and other places. What could I possibly add? That he liked garden gnomes and maple syrup and sang me to sleep? That he was not just interesting but kind. I have only just begun to process his dying and his death. Unlike past events in which I hit the ground running, I find I have come to a full stop. I don’t know what comes next in my studio or when I’m going back to it. I cancelled my yearly Easter Show; the Uxbridge Studio Tour; all my shows this year. I’ll be back of course but I’m giving myself time. I might add to this blog as I think of more things to say about Ken: beloved by other actors; patron saint of make-up artists….meanwhile here are a few pictures, a link to our delightful wedding…maybe even a song.

Kenneth Welsh: Hamlet
Stratford 1969

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