I have done reduction linoprints for a few years now. I love this method of slowly destroying the linol”eum as more and more is cut away to add more colours. 

small cat linoprint
I have recently begun to explore etching and drypoint. For the most part, they are my holiday from colour. Somehow, all that compression and and technique is a mystical experience. I love going to the print and drawing room of the Art Gallery of Ontario to examine Goya etchings in my gloved hands. I am a happy novice.  
small cat etching
small cat etching
Both the etching above and the first linoprint are based on the same drawing I did of Twister, my cat, one cold winter day last January.

Here are a couple of dry points: 

cat landing on its feet   drypoint
cat landing on its feet drypoint
The Bath, Drypoint
The Bath, Drypoint
Below is state 2 of an etching called “Sleep” which I should be doing right now. 

Sleep, etching
Sleep, etching
 I am currently selling these prints at the friendly neighbourhood pop-up shop, “Handmade in Uxbridge” behind Blue Heron Books. Good night!

pop-up shop
pop-up shop

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  1. Lynne: I enjoy reading your insightful comments. Hope you have many guests at your Easter Show. Cheers, Caron


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