She Lands on her Feet

Stage one: terror
Stage one: terror

I am not in control of this creative process. Not really. I seem to be coming to a comical conclusion to the tornado tragedy. My constructed paintings of cats are no longer sleeping, but catapulted. The cat falls headfirst, fighting against the gravity of the situation but if it twists a certain way, it will land on its feet. The evolution of a metaphor appears to be inevitable in hindsight and totally unexpected in real time.

2015-05-21 22.48.42
Stage 2: knowing up from down

In Hounds of Love, Kate Bush sang, “…take my shoes off /and throw them in the lake/ and I’ll be two steps on the water.” Painting cats landing on their feet is an act of faith, among other things. Spinning in a tornado, I am not always convinced that I will land on my feet but I will go ahead and trust God and trust the creative process and my inner voice and make these crazy images and surely it’s like throwing my shoes on the water: not a shoe-in but a step in the right direction.

Stage 3: twist!
Stage 3: twist!
Stage 4: Landing
Stage 4: Landing

2 thoughts on “She Lands on her Feet

  1. I love this new post Lynne. And you¹ve articulated what happened and what is continuing to happen to you personally and creatively (probably the same thing anyway, so spun together are they in you) so brilliantly in word and image. And yes, you really have landed on your feet time and time again, each step of the crazy way. Of course, one never knows that going in! Maybe that¹s what make this all so marvel-ous. One can never imagine exactly how it will all turn out. It¹s scary and awful and beautiful all at the same time. Anyway, so grateful that this is how it¹s all happening.

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  2. The creative process is apparently a healing process as well. Many artists, if not all of them, have world out their personal demons through the expression of their art. I’m glad you are landing on your feet, and that you are in such good artistic company.

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